Time to Start Potty Training

The big day is here. Much like when painting…the actual work is not the hard part. Proper preparation is the key. If you did not complete our GET READY guide, you may want to start there. At the very least, before you remove any diapers, we are hoping:

  • Your potty is in place and has been introduced.
  • If you’re using a reward system it is on display and has been explained.
  • Precious rugs and couches have been covered.
  • Undies have been purchased and it’s time to put them to use!

And if you need any recaps, here are overviews to the different methods.

SLOW & STEADY to potty nirvana
3-Day or the Highway
Deadline Method

Useful Scripts

Knowing how to phrase something to a 20-month old so they understand and are excited (vs. scared) can be useful. Many of the books we've read, and experts we've talked to, have recommended different things to say at different times, so we've compiled the best from across the known potty training universe to help you up your potty talking game.

potty talk perfected

Potty Snacks

In general we try and avoid super salty and sugary foods. Not so on Potty Days. On Potty Days we bend the rules in the name of potty victory!

Your focus today is to keep them hydrated. And hell, salty snacks keep them drinking the drinks all day as the liquid is pulled out of them and into their bladder.

When you're training potty, you want as many chances as you can get to reinforce the lessons.

Check out our guide to snacks and drinks that'll make your toddler a whiz-kid in no time.

nom nom salty snacks

Night Time is the Right Time...

Do you know what happens when the lights go out? Whether you're combining night time training or breaking them up into different projects, we have a bunch of resources and strategies for figuring out the night schedule.

I'm in the dark


You've done it! Or you're about to do it. Actually, your kids are about to doodoo it.

Now that they're potty poopers, help them celebrate by rocking one of these exclusive Potty Pooper T-Shirts. Only for those who poop on the potty.

Or, now's a great time to buy one so it's ready for your kid to make the magic happen.

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