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The 3 Primary Approaches

We’ve identified 3 primary approaches to Potty Training. Most pediatrics and experts recommend the Slow and Steady, which we do also. However, there are times and places for other approaches, and we talk about those more in the Get Ready Guide. Skim these for now to get a feel for what you’ll need to know later on.


A relaxed, patient, child-led approach recommended by the The American Academy of Pediatrics.


An intense weekend of bonding with a naked toddler for rapid results.


Child care, travel plans, pressure from Karen across the street. This is the plan when you have to get it done on a deadline.

A Peek at All the Pieces

No matter your approach, there are a few pieces to the potty puzzle. We’ve got a simple overview of all the pieces here. Our Get Ready Guide has deep resources on each of these topics.


It’s critical you don’t try and potty train until your child is ready. How do you know when they’re ready? They show signs. What signs? That depends. But be ready to learn about how to tell when your child is ready.


Surprisingly, offering rewards isn’t totally straightforward. Experts are now suggesting you focus on an encouragement-based system vs. rewards based. But whatever you choose, we have resources to help you.


This is a really big achievement for your child. It’s important to get your head into a good place so the child can feel good about the experience. Making sure you’re prepared ahead of time for how you’ll respond during poopmergencies will help you and your child get through this with smiles.


If it’s gonna be sunny outside, going naked for 3 days is much easier than on a cold winter day. What about vacation plans or other things that can impact your potty learning? We’ll help you forecast anything that can interrupt your plan.


The experts we’ve talked to (2 pediatric nurses, 2 preschool teachers and a family psychologist), and the American Academy of Pediatrics, all recommend a child-focused and child-led strategy that is low-stress and patient. We agree and encourage parents to choose this method if there’s not a significant reason to do otherwise.

That’s the Basics

Now you’ve got an outline of everything envolved in getting that poop IN THE POTTY! You’re on your way. Things get meaty in Get Ready Guide, but for now, we think you deserve a reward.

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