We are minimalists around here, and we believe there is a lot of crap out there that us parents really don't need. In fact, playing to our worries, fears, and the "what if's" is one of the key ways many brands market their products. That's not to say that all potty products are full of snake oil. No, there are actually some really awesome things out there to help you and your kid tackle the potty. But, to be honest, you just don't need a lot of stuff to make this potty training thing happen.

Let's first look at what you may want to purchase to set your kid up for success. Keep in mind, a lot of this can be borrowed from other families, so check in with friends before dropping dimes on plastic potty gear.

What To Buy

Potty chair

These seats are mini versions of the actual toilet. They allow your child to keep their feet flat on the floor and allow easy access. Sometimes, the real deal can be daunting, and it also is difficult to access for small children. If you have extra room, grab a potty chair (any will do), and bear in mind you will need to clean it out after each use.

Seat reducer (or toilet seat insert)

These handy little toilet seat inserts make your child feel more secure when using the toilets in your house.

Step stool

Your child will need a way to access the toilet and also the sink. Likely you will already have a step stool, but find one that is light enough so they can help move as they gain more independence in the bathroom.

Awesome undies

Make picking out new undies a big deal and let your child choose what they want to wear. The more excited they are about their underwear, the more they will enjoy wearing them.

Kids potty books

There are really great books out there for potty trainers with superb illustrations. Snag one or two to get your child excited about this next big phase.

Flushable wipes

Although your kid will be learning to go to the bathroom independently, they will continue to need help wiping after #2. Toilet paper doesn't always do the trick, so flushable wipes keep your kid cleaner and can be gentler on their skin.

Waterproof mattress pad

You likely already have one on your child's bed, but a waterproof mattress pad can make you and your child feel more comfortable when you get into nighttime training.

Kid friendly soap dispenser/bar of soap

A few additional things may be nice to have in extenuating circumstances, such as a travel potty. These potties are usually smaller than a potty chair and allow your child to go while you are on the go. It makes road trips smoother when you can't get to a bathroom for several miles, and it seals up the waste until you can get to a toilet to dispose of it.

What NOT to Buy

Based on our own experiences and other experts' suggestions, some items just aren't necessary or worth it.

Tons of potties for every room in the house

Be realistic about where you spend your time, and don't be afraid to bring the potty with you if you go to another part of the house.

Potty Training Charts

Nothing against them, but a lot of research questions their effectiveness. But if your kid loves charts and stickers, go wild.

Training underpants

Most kids will do fine transitioning from diapers to underpants without a middle stage. We're sure there probably is value, and we're sure they were a hit with some kids, but they're certainly not necessary.

Toilet Targets

There is no need to buy anything plastic to put in your potty for your boy to blast. A sharpie and toilet-paper squares will make your child just as happy. Even a Goldfish cracker works.

Splash guards

These little attachments can help decrease pee overspray from boys, but you will not see these devices anywhere else other than home. Therefore, it is ideal to teach them how to use the potty effectively while keeping themselves and their surrounding areas clean.

Keep your pants on.

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