making your way to potty nirvana

Yay! You're in

Welcome to the inaugural class of The Academy!

First, we'd like to offer a sincere thank you for checking out our product. We're so excited to get this into real parent's hands.

Just a reminder, we're in beta. You're one of the first people to see this. It should already be useful—we’re hoping you’ll help us make it magical.


Beta Love You More

As we said you’re in the inner potty sanctum. We are really seeking your help. You'll see feedback forms at the bottom of every article page. Please use those to let us know what you think.

If you have more specific feedback, you can email us at We will savor everything you say, even the mean stuff, so don't hold back.

If you want to get really nuts and provide a video of you using the product, here's some documentation on how do to that and other ways of sending us more detailed feedback. There's a special treat at the end. Just for you overachievers.

Where Next?

We recommend you start with our 1-minute Potty Training Overview page to get a feel for the potty training process and how our system helps you achieve potty nirvana. From there, you’ll head on over to your Dashboard for quick access to our guides and content library.
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